Honda Ruckus Underseat Stainless Steel Cubby Thumb Screw


Replace the stock cubby screw on the Honda Ruckus with a knurled thumb screw that is much easier to use.

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Honda Ruckus
Cubby Screw in Red, Yellow, or Black
Stainless Steel Underseat Cubby Screw

About the Ruckus Under Seat Cubby Thumb Screw
Replace the stock screw with a knurled thumb screw that is much easier to use. You can tighten and loosen this screw by hand. No longer will you have to dig for a coin or tool to access the cubby. A thumb screw is easy to operate with gloves as well. At this time we have three colors to choose from: Black, Yellow, or Red thumb screw. Listing is for a single thumb screw. 

This is a custom hand picked highly corrosion resistant, attractive, and durable stainless steel metric socket cap screw that we mated to a US made thumb drive. We ride a Ruckus here at Desmoparts to run errands and such and made this thumb screw specifically for the Honda Ruckus.

We do sell a full stainless steel screw kit for the Ruckus as well but found the thumb screw most useful to quickly access the small storage area. We’ve been putting together stainless screw for select models of over 21-years. 

The Honda Ruckus cubby screw makes a great upgrade to your little bike that literally takes one minute to install. Call us if you have any specific questions regarding our products or specific installation on your bike – 713/222-0832.

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Red, Yellow, Black