The Desmoparts Story

Years ago the owner of Desmoparts need some maintenance done on his brand new 1995 Ducati 900SS. After the dealer was finished with it he was surprised to find that he paid over $12.00 for each valve cover gasket. That made him so angry that he started making and selling his own Ducati valve cover gaskets. Desmoparts was born.


Still the same owner with the same passion for high quality parts at a fair price. We no longer sell those Ducati gaskets but have diversified into a wide variety of semi related products. Our most popular items are the stainless fastener kits for various motorcycles. There’s a story behind that as well. A close Desmoparts friend took his brand new BMW R1100RT in for service. He was shocked that his new black bodywork screws where chipped and unsightly. Another idea was sparked replacing the black easily chipped fasteners with bright stainless steel. 



Our mission

To constantly  provide quality, uniquely focused, high end products at a fair price.

Our Perfect Team

Chris Powers

Founder and Problem Solver

“If its worth doing, then do it already”


Vice President of R and D

If you don’t do it this year, you will be one year older when you do.”


Vice President of Human Resources

On the other hand, you have different fingers.


Guy who actually runs everything

“Life is nothing if you’re not packing screws and listening to heavy metal.”

Some Numbers

Happy clients
Years of work
Cups of coffee