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A couple decades ago, Desmoparts founder Chris Powers took his brand new motorcycle into the dealer for its first service. After picking up the newly serviced machine, he discovered—much to his dismay— that all the black-painted body fasteners were scratched, showing the raw stainless beneath. At that moment Chris decided to replace the stock black fasteners with clean button-head stainless, and a new business was born.

Since then, Chris has created a broad inventory of metric stainless fastener kits for motorcycles. If your motorcycle is not listed in our inventory, fear not. All you have to do is schedule your bike for a free fastener spa treatment and detail for a few days. You’ll ride home on a clean bike with fresh stainless and Desmoparts will have the template to create more kits.

Fuel Additives
We sell high quality metric stainless steel fasteners, made-to-order thumb screws, brass, and other unique plastic fasteners. You can purchase these items individually for your project, or—if you you have a motorcycle ready for a classy upgrade—we might have a kit for your bike.Desmoparts is also a dealer for Hot Shot Secret line of proven effective fuel and oil additives. If you have time, take a look at our eBay listings. Desmoparts lists unique tools on behalf of the Houston Community Toolbank as a designated seller through eBay for Charity. As an authorized dealer for Dunlop Sports America, Desmoparts also sells tennis rackets, string, grips, luggage, and more.