BMW R1100RS R1150RS RSL Stainless Steel Screw Kit


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BMW R1100RS, R1150RS, & RSL
149-Piece Highly Detailed
Stainless Steel Screw Kit

About the Kit
Replace the scratched, nicked, rusted, missing, or damaged stock screws with these very attractive stainless steel socket head fasteners. This is a custom hand picked highly corrosion resistant, attractive, and durable stainless steel hardware screw kit to replace many of the stock fasteners on your BMW R1100RS. These shiny screws will stay beautiful for the life of the motorcycle. Kit is complete, well sorted, and highly detailed with full step-by-step instructions. Makes the perfect mini project and will enhance the already good looks of your bike.

Desmoparts crew painstakingly hand picked this kit for your machine. We pulled one stock screw at a time and replaced it with an equal stainless fastener. Documented and photographed each step to bring you a complete well sorted kit. We’ve been putting together stainless screw kits for select models of over 20-years.

The R1100RS / R1150RS stainless screw kit is highly detailed, quality, well thought out with 149-pieces many of which are hard to source. This very detailed screw kit contains A2-70 and A4-70 grade metric stainless steel designed specifically for the versatile R11RS machines. Do not be surprised if you find higher corrosion resistant A4 hardware in our kits. The step-by-step instructions are written in plain English and are easy to follow. Our screws are Button, Cap, and Flat Head style requiring common Hex key tools. The self-tapping screws in the RS kit are Phillips head.

Desmoparts has two other kits for the RS. We have the 8-piece Nickel plated Dzus fairing hardware kit and the engine cover screw kit. Please view our other items for more details on the engine and Dzus kits.

The R1100RS / R1150RS fasteners are separated into 7-zip lock bags and clearly labeled according to screw type and location. Assembly instructions correspond to bag ID. Difficulty level: easy/medium. Buyer need only basic wrenching ability, some free shop time, and common tools. Stainless kits make a great weekend project or gift idea.

Kit includes screws to fit the following components:
most all fairing hardware (the eight Dzus fasteners are sold separately)
handlebar control covers
front fender hardware
brake master cylinder
brake reservoir cover
speedometer cable
instrument cluster
license plate kit
ABS sensors
grab bar
fuel cap – and much more.

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