BMW R1100RS Dzus Fairing Screw Kit


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BMW Dzus Fairing Fastener Kit
for the R1100RS, R1150RS, and RSL models
8 – Nickel Plated Polished Dzus Fairing Screws
with black Nylon Washers

About the Kit
Replace the scratched, nicked, rusted, missing, or chewed up stock fairing screws with these very attractive nickel-plated and polished Dzus fasteners. This is a highly corrosion resistant, attractive, and durable nickel-plated Dzus fairing kit with black nylon washers to replace your worn, ugly, or missing stock fasteners. These shiny screws are exactly the same as stock only nickel plated and polished. They will stay beautiful for years to come. Kit is complete and includes 8 Dzus and 8 black nylon washers to mount the side fairings on your R1100RS, R1150RS and RSL models.

Desmoparts crew painstakingly hand picked this kit for your machine. We pulled one stock screw at a time and replaced it with an equal stainless fastener. Documented and photographed each step to bring you a complete well sorted kit. We’ve been putting together stainless screw kits for select models of over 20-years