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Hot Shot’s Secret genuine Diesel Extreme Clean & Boost Diesel Fuel Additive in a 16oz. bottle. Diesel Extreme is designed to support a “clean then boost” strategy. Diesel Extreme is unsurpassed in cleaning power. It will restore your fuel system components to their original cleanliness preparing them for maximum response when the Diesel Extreme cetane boost kicks in. One 16oz bottle will treat at 30-40 gallon tank. Use half that amount for a 15-20 gallon tank. Treat a your system once every 6K miles. Benefits: Counteracts Negative Impact of Ultra Low Sulfur Fuels Cleans Injector Tips, Cylinders, Fuel Lines, and Tank Eliminates Stiction from the Fuel System Removes Water from the Fuel System Restores Throttle Response Eliminates White Smoke Improves Cold Starting Increases Fuel Mileage

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