HHS Stiction Eliminator


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Hot Shot’s Secret genuine Stiction Eliminator Clean & Restore Diesel Oil Additive in a 64oz. bottle. To increase efficiency manufactures have raised injector pressures from 1,200psi to 26,200psi at the tip. Increased pressure provides a better more efficient burn and hence more power but at a cost. Higher tolerances and friction in the injectors result in a burning effect on the engine oil. A layer of oxidized oil and additives form from this burning thus slowing down the injector causing poor performance and smoke. Stiction Eliminator formula of detergents and dispersants added to your engine oil removes this harmful buildup and restores your injectors to like new condition.

Restores 9 out of 10 “failing injectors”
Cleans turbo, rings, and oil pump
Improves Power and Compression
Reduces Lifter and Valve Noise
Removes 100% of Stiction

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