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Here at Desmo Parts we love – among other things – the art and beauty of mechanical things…like motorcycles for instance.
We also love and believe that form should meet function whenever possible…and surely style will follow, yes?
One way we accomplish that is by providing stylish stainless steel replacement fastener kits for some of the coolest motorcycles made.
Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder.  But in our eyes we sought to protect and improve.    The stainless fastener kits are a step up and above…the adding of nice cuff links to an already sharp suit.
Speaking of sharp suits, let’s take the BMW R1100 RS.  Please.   We offer a complete stainless fastener kit that is all about form and funtion and beautiful detail.   Check it out…
We have a variety of Stainless Fastener Kits to choose from; for a number of applications.

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