Specialty metric screws for your motorcycle as well as Fuel, Lube, and Air filters for your car or truck.

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Yamaha FJ1200 Stainless Steel Screw Kit

Price: $50.00

A total of 163 pieces of bright stainless steel fasteners to fit '89-'92 Yamaha FJ1200. Kit contains Button Allen head, Cap head, Flat Head and washers in grade A2-70 stainless steel. We also include hardware for the engine covers. This hardware is designed as a replacement for the windscreen, brake and clutch reservoir covers, handlebar controls, rear brake lever mount, license plate kit, mirror mounts, right and left engine cover screw kit, fairing hardware with nylon washers, instrument panel, fuel cap, front fender, shift linkage, chain guard and guide, rear brake line, kick stand safety switch, rear cowl, rear brake reservoir mount, sprocket cover, starter cover, oil filter drain, and much more on the awesome FJ1200.

Attached images

Yamaha FJ1200 brake reservoir cover & mount.
Yamaha FJ1200 engine right side covers.
Yamaha FJ1200 fork brace.
Yamaha FJ1200 front brake line at fork mount.
Yamaha FJ1200 front brake reservoir cover.
Yamaha FJ1200 fuel filler.
Yamaha FJ1200 inner windscreen hardware.
Yamaha FJ1200 kick stand switch & drain screw.
Yamaha FJ1200 mirror mount old & new screws, windscreen screw closeup.
Yamaha FJ1200 side fairing screws.
Yamaha FJ1200 sprocket cover.
Yamaha FJ1200 windscreen with nylon washers.

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