Specialty metric screws for your motorcycle as well as Fuel, Lube, and Air filters for your car or truck.

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BMW R1100GS Stainless Steel Fastener Kit

Price: $50.00

One of our largest most complete kits too date! An extensive and well thought out absolutely HUGE 179-piece all Stainless Steel hardware kit with clear easy to follow instructions. If you also choose to buy the R Engine stainless kit then your bike will have more stainless than a brewery. Kit contains Button Allen head, Cap Head Allen, Flat head Allen, flat, fender, and wavy washers, and nylock nuts, all in high quality grade A2-70 stainless steel. Replace many of the prominent stock screws on the awesome R1100GS. This kit includes a special hand made left hand thread M8x40mm screw for the right mirror mount. We also toss in an M8 left nut :) to renew thread just in case you don't have hand guards and require cutting of the 40mm down to 35mm.

This is a hand picked exact match of the stock fasteners only duplicated in durable stainless steel. Replace the scratched and nicked black torx, phillips, and allen head hardware with these attractive and durable fasteners. These screws will stay beautiful for the life of the bike!

Replace fasteners on the following components: all fairings, brake reservoir cover, fuel filler, front & rear fender, side rails, seat mount, front and rear ABS sensors, bar ends, rear rack, headlight housing, oil cooler mount, license plate, seat mounts, turn lens covers, helmet lock, and hand guards just to name a few. Kit covers much much more and gets very tedious to list. You'll be very satisfied guaranteed.

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R1100gs bar end
R1100GS brake fluid cover
R1100GS fender
r1100gs handlebar
R1100GS seat mount

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