Specialty metric screws for your motorcycle as well as Fuel, Lube, and Air filters for your car or truck.

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BMW K100RS Stainless Steel Fastener Kit

Price: $60.00

The K100RS stainless screw kit is a HUGE restoration quality kit, well thought out, extremely detailed, and one of our most popular items. This insane 352-piece screw kit contains A2-70 and A2-80 grade metric stainless steel designed specifically for the very cool K100RS. Do not be surprised if you find higher corrosion resistant A4 hardware in our kits. The step-by-step instructions are written in plain English and are easy to follow. Our screws are Button, Cap, Low Cap, and Flat Head style requiring common Hex key tools. Self-tapping screws are Phillips head stainless. This is a very intense kit and not for the faint of heart. Also for the K100RS Desmoparts has an engine cover screw kit as well. See our other items for more details.

The K100RS fasteners are separated into 12 zip lock bags and are clearly labeled according to screw type and location. Assembly instructions correspond to bag ID. Difficulty level: medium/hard. This kit will take a dedicated person to finish. Buyer need only basic wrenching ability, a lot of free shop time, and common tools. Stainless kits make a great weekend project or gift idea. Call us if you have any specific questions regarding our products or specific installation on your bike - 713/222-0832.

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BMW K100RS 10
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