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M4 Wellnuts

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About Rubber Well-Nuts
Many European and Japanese motorcycles use rubber well nuts of 4mm, 5mm or 6mm sizes (M4, M5, or M6) to mount windscreen and fairing pieces. They are very common item on motorcycles but hard to find and usually a dealer order. Desmoparts has worked very hard to find a nearly unlimited source for quality motorcycle wellnuts. It would not hurt to have a few of these around in case your stock wellnuts give out or dry out.

Call or email us at sales at desmoparts dot com if you have any questions about the well nuts. We do have special pricing for orders over 500 units. Dealer inquiries are welcome.

Specs, Sizing, and Ordering
Each Well Nut is sold individually. We find most windscreen mounts need 5mm well nuts and fairing pieces commonly use both 5mm and 6mm. Your old well nuts may be distorted and torn hence making them difficult to measure. To determine if your stock well nut is a 4mm, 5mm or 6mm just measure the diameter of the screw threads that fit the well nut.

Here are the dimensional specs on the Desmoparts well nuts in M4:

4mm Well Nut
Overall Height: 12.67mm (0.499")
Barrel Diameter: 7.92mm (0.312")
Flange Diameter: 11.13mm (0.438")
Flange Height: 1.32mm (0.052")

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