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BMW R1100S Stainless Steel Fastener Kit

Price: $45.00

An extensive well thought out 107-piece all Stainless Steel hardware kit with clear easy to follow instructions. Kit contains Button Allen head, Oval Phillips head, and Flat head Allen in grade A2-70 stainless steel all with appropriate washers designed to replace many of the prominent stock screws on R1100S.

Special note for customers with the Lightweight / Boxer Replica R1100S bikes: purchase this R1100S kit and maybe the R Engine kit if you wish. Don't forget to add to your cart and additional 16 of the M5x20mm Button head screws and 16 more nylon washers in either clear or black. We don't offer a special kit for the Lightweight but with these additional 16 screws and washers you'll be able to finish the chin spoiler on the front of your machine.

This is a hand picked exact match of the stock fasteners only duplicated in durable stainless steel. Replace the stratched and nicked black torx, phillips, and allen head hardware with these attractive and durable fasteners. No more black marker touch-ups on the stock bolts as these screws will stay beautiful for the life of the bike!

Replace fasteners on the following components: front and rear fairings, brake & clutch reservoir covers, instrument and controls area, windscreen, mirror mount, front fender, side rails (extra bolts for system cases), foot peg rubber, charcoal canister, bar ends, license plate mounts, turn signal lens and mount, left heal guard, brake light, license plate kit, and the front and rear suspension adjustment knobs.

Photo shows general locations of screws on the R1100S. Reuse the stock plastic washers where applicable. Complete assembly instructions included. The fasteners are bagged and labeled separately according to screw type to make kit completion a less daunting task. Difficulty level: easy/medium. Buyer need only have some basic wrenching skills, and of course a metric allen wrench set, phillips screwdriver, and one torx bit to remove the stock windscreen screws. We encourage the use of anti seize lubricant on screws threading into aluminum.

Attached images

BMW R1100S bar end
BMW R1100S front
BMW R1100S front fender
BMW R1100S front side
BMW R1100S hand rail
BMW R1100S hand rail 2
BMW R1100S side
BMW R1100S turn lens
BMW R1100S windscreen

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